Day 1731: Hard to believe it’s been 2yrs since I came to Disneyland to celebrate 1000 Consecutive Days of #DisneyTime fun, but even more is all the support & encouragement I have received from #DisneyFriends, #Fans, & #Followers across social media. Even this morning, I woke to help another guest in planning their visit to Disneyland Today from France and we shared about our local parks. Then on Facebook I didn’t have to share any of my #Memories because others were already sharing their memories of me hitting this #Milestone. When I started this I had no idea it would ever grow to be so Big. I want to give a Big #ThankYou to all of you that have joined in my #DisneyAdventures over these last almost 5yrs. Who knows where next #DisneyTime #Adventure will take me or who I will get the chance to meet & share with. #Disney366: 4yrs +270 days of Magical Memories.

from Disney366