Day 2052: It’s #SundayFunday #DisneyTime in Disneyland. It may be the last day of my Disney Inside-Out #Staycation, but the #DisneyMemories created over these last 4 days will last a lifetime. Today is a relaxed day of reflection as I drove up to the park listening to audio from Hans Zimmer Live, that I enjoyed the last 2 days, and recalled all the emotions evoke not just by the performances, but from the movies the music was part of. It doesn’t matter what you like to do or who you like to do things with just get out there and have #Fun #MakingMemories. Today I get to play in the parks and then I will be going live on Sunrise on 7 in Australia at 8:20am (Monday 8/14 AT) to talk about my Disneyland adventures I have created been apart of after 2,000 days of #Magic. #Disney366: 5yrs + 225 days of Magical Memories.

from Disney366


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