Ok, this is getting wild. Tomorrow morning I am going to be on #Interviews across the country before I even go to work. Here are the stations & times where you can listen. All times listed are eastern time. TIME_____LOCATION________CALLS_____AM HOSTS 8:30______Phoenix, AZ________KPNG_____Steve & Jonathan 8:40______Minneapolis, MN_____KQRS____Tom Barnard 8:50______Wausau, WI________WIFC_____Dave & Susan 9:00______Fresno, CA_________KKBZ_____Izzy and Rash 9:10______Tuscon, AZ_________KLPX_____Frank and Sherm 9:20______Bangor, ME________WKSQ_____Mike Dow Thanks again for all the support. This really is more than I ever expected. #Surreal #Disney366

from Disney366 http://ift.tt/1C2vdSZ


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